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Since 1974, the city has been advertising with the slogan: "It all begins in Linz". Many things had and have their origin here:

The oldest cake recipe in the world, for example, or the LD process that revolutionised steel production just as the first "green hydrogen steel" will do in series production. More than two hundred world market leaders are based here and in the surrounding area, who began their triumphal march from Linz. Just like the "Oscar" of electronic art, the Golden Nica, which has been awarded to prize winners all over the world since 1987 and is still considered the highest award in this segment. All to the beat of Electroswing, a musical genre that conquered the world from here. Your extraordinary story can also be created from Linz.

Illuminated Ars Electronica Center Linz
Grand Garage Linz

We l(i)eben Linz

Linz doesn't want to be like San Francisco, Tel Aviv or Berlin, but better. It is not for nothing that Austria's third-largest city has been voted "Europe's most creative and innovative city" several times. In Linz, the spirit of the future is palpable.

The economic centre of the country lives the economic transformation in which industrial groups and young technology companies cross-fertilise each other. The Tobacco Factory is a symbol of this: what was once Europe's largest cigarette factory is now probably Austria's most important start-up centre. Economic power that has a direct influence on a flourishing educational landscape. Universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions at the highest level have a long tradition in Linz. In the future, the new digital university will satisfy the demand for hungry, innovative minds from companies. Innovative and creative minds that shape the city's diverse cultural offerings. Innovative minds that also want to inspire you.

Linz as a place to live - "Extremely liveable"

What makes Linz so worth living in? It is the combination of the three most important things that contribute to feeling good: living, working and living. Linz is one of the benchmarks in each of these factors. You can find out more about it here.

Leisure in Linz
Working in Linz

Linz to work

More people work in Linz than the city has inhabitants. In hardly any other city is the variety of jobs so widely spread. Jobs in global industry, local crafts, regional trade, in the booming IT sector. This is reflected in the high wage level. With the exception of Vienna, the average income of people working in Linz is higher than in other Austrian cities. In relation to the cost of living, it is even higher than that of the federal capital.