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Company Benefits

All our DIGITAL MILE Linz companies have a common interest: To make the location a "unique place to live and work" for our current and future employees.

Member offers

No one can do everything - together we can achieve any goal. That is why we have joined forces and developed the following member benefits so far:

Further training:

  • Canva
  • ChatGPT
  • German courses
  • Presentations for parents (media-savvy kids, working moms)
  • Leadership courses
  • Executive Workshop
  • IT Project Management Training
  • Project management training
  • SCRUM Basic Course


  • DiMi - Camp (HTL Leonding and GRAND GARAGE)
  • DiMi - Camp PRO (GRAND GARAGE)
  • DiMi - Dancing Kids (Dancing World Urfahr)
  • DiMi - Nature Week Elmberg (HBLA Elmberg)
  • DiMi - Science Days (FH Hagenberg)
  • DiMi - STEM Week (Dynatrace)
  • DiMi - Forest Week I + II (Kirchschlag)


  • Soccer group
  • Running groups
  • (Beach) volleyball group
  • DiMi Badminton Cup at F10
  • DiMi Beach Volleyball Tournament
  • DiMi soccer tournament
  • Small field tournament at ASKÖ-Linz/Steg


  • Blood donation campaigns
  • First aid courses
  • MS DIGITAL MILE at the Bubbledays
  • Christmas promotion: pop-up punch stand

Our goals

DIGITAL MILE Linz is more than just a kind of interest group for the companies located here.  

Mere neighbourliness becomes working, researching and celebrating together. Together we can not only launch new bus routes, but also open up global distribution channels and become more attractive for potential employees through many member benefits.


Everyone faces the same challenges. We want to grow and need new talent. The DIGITAL MILE Linz enables more visibility when sourcing and searching for the best minds.


We organize demand-oriented training and customized offers for all employees of our member companies.


Achieve more

First-hand cooperation, initiating joint projects, exchanging skills and generating the best from different worlds - in short: living cooperation - that is the spirit of DIGITAL MILE Linz.

We speak your language,
no matter what language you speak:

Short distances, becoming sparring partners and/or friends: DIGITAL MILE Linz raises synergies and moves us all forward.

We have just started and still have a lot of plans. That is why we will expand our offer step by step.

Do you also have ideas? We are happy to receive new suggestions - just write to us!