Where community
meets opportunity

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Where community
meets opportunity

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Where community
meets opportunity

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An IT community with
limitless possibilities.

We are an IT community of innovative minds: IT pioneers, technology leaders, uni and soonicorns, startups and SMEs. As different as we may be, we all burn with analogue lifeblood for digital solutions.

We are all part of the DIGITAL MILE LINZ, a mile that stretches from Donaulände to Linz Harbour and is home to 110 highly innovative digitalisation companies. We do not see ourselves as competitors, but as a community with the goal of actively shaping and offering the best living and working environment for our employees.

The Linz location, embedded in the innovation state of Upper Austria, is the hub of our activities with its many years of digital development. We are an IT community that inspires people all over the world to walk this mile towards the future together with us. Come along and be part of it!

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The Core Team

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Want to bet that DIGITAL MILE members will forge boundless digital careers, drive e-commerce and IoT, and contribute to web security through AI? Bet accepted. Hidden in that sentence alone are the business models of our nine core team members. Check out our websites and get inspired.

Our supporters

Our network

Markus Achleitner
Province of Upper Austria Economic Provincial Council
"DIGITAL MILE is not only a unique cooperation project, it demonstrates one thing above all: the concentrated IT power that exists at the Upper Austrian location and in Linz in particular."
Mayor Klaus Luger
City of Linz
"With DIGITAL MILE, we are bundling know-how and talent in the IT industry in Linz. There, we develop and attract a top technology location for national and international professionals."
Werner Pamminger, MBA
Business Upper Austria
Managing Director
Mag. Silke Gruber
bet-at-home Entertainment GmbH
Head of Human Resources
DI Harald Radi
Cloudflight GmbH
Managing Director
"DIGITAL MILE, as a Linz location initiative by numerous top employers, underscores the fact that the growing global demand for skilled workers can only be met by jointly making the location more attractive."
Veronika Leibetseder
Dynatrace Austria GmbH
VP Workplace Experience & Culture
Georg Konjovic
karriere.at GmbH
"DIGITAL MILE offers an exchange within the IT community on relevant labor market topics and promotes the attractiveness of Linz as a location for existing and new employees. Together, we create an exciting working environment for our colleagues!"
Hannes Niederhauser
Kontron AG
"IT service provider Kontron AG has been part of DIGITAL MILE from the very beginning. As part of the Linz IT location, we value the exchange and strength through joint networking."
DI Alfred Hiebl
MIC Datenverarbeitung GmbH
"Through DIGITAL MILE, we strive to contribute to strengthening and making Linz more attractive as an IT location."
Irene Bouchal-Gahleitner
Netural GmbH
"The Digital Mile is a great example of the power of cross-company cooperation: breaking new ground together and making a valuable contribution to the location and the companies in the process."
Jan Radanitsch
Smarter Ecommerce GmbH
CEO & Co Founder
"We are pleased that the cooperation with these Linz companies works so well and that our employees benefit from the great offers."
DI Georg Spiesberger
"The burning issues that concern us as a company, but also as a society, can only be solved together. On the one hand, because only in this way is there a critical mass of creative approaches, and on the other hand, because this is how the necessary resources can be raised. If the implementation then also happens with heart and fun, this incredible dynamic is created, as we experience in the DIGITAL MILE."

News & Milestones

Keep up to date with our members conquering the world, or celebrating, learning and working together, in other words: stay informed about our milestones.

2nd DiMi beach volleyball tournament - for all amateur players!

July 11, 2024

Blood drive: Your chance to save lives!

July 10, 2024

Celebrating together on the MS DIGITAL MILE

June 26, 2024

ADDITIONAL TIMING: FC Blau-Weiß Linz stadium tour "Kick-off at the neighbor's"

June 11, 2024

NEW: Management workshop 2024

June 11, 2024

HTL Leonding school tour - exclusively for 10-15 year old DiMi kids

May 8, 2024

DiMi small-sided soccer tournament at ASKÖ-Linz/Steg

April 30, 2024

MIC wins the DiMi challenge cup again

April 29, 2024

The most innovative mile in the country

April 21, 2024

Ship ahoy - Welcome to the MS DIGITAL MILE at Bubbledays 2024!

April 17, 2024

Current job offers

Do you want to conquer the world in digital mile boots? Our DIGITAL MILE members currently have over 1,000 free and guaranteed exciting jobs to offer. So dare the milestone in your career and use the benefits of a large IT community!