Digital Mile IconIn the middle of the worldin the port of Linz

Transport connection

There is no way around Linz.

The economic importance of the city ensures excellent transport connections on all routes. It takes less than one and a half hours by train to get to Vienna, and one hour to Salzburg. The motorway junction connects Austria with Germany and the Czech Republic.

Every day, planes leave Hörsching Airport for Düsseldorf and Frankfurt and from there to destinations all over the world. In the city centre, things are climate-friendly. Trams and trolley buses move through the city every minute. E-bikes and e-scooters everywhere and central e-car rental stations are waiting to keep you mobile.

By bus into the future

It only takes a few minutes from the main railway station directly to DIGITAL MILE Linz in Linz Harbour. Line 72* makes this possible, thanks to the DIGITAL MILE Linz initiative. The nine stops are all located along the mile so that everyone can get to their workplace quickly and in a climate-friendly way. The dedicated bus line underlines the importance of the booming district around the DIGITAL MILE.

More bus lines are currently being planned to provide optimal connections to DIGITAL MILE Linz. Find outwhat other projects are underway here.

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