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Charity has a high priority in our community. Our employees and companies are committed to bringing a smile to many other people: the "DIGITAL SMILE".
True to our motto:

Our mile - for your smile!


Anna, HR Manager | MIC Datenverarbeitung GmbH and DiMi-Barteam BUBBLEDAYS: "By participating in projects organized by DIGITAL MILE, you support social institutions on the one hand and can network with colleagues from other companies on the other. Doing good, combined with a lot of fun, is a win-win situation for everyone involved."
Barbara, Project Manager for Education | GRAND GARAGE and Coordinator DiMi-Camp: ""Introducing children and young people to new technologies in a playful way is also at the heart of our innovation and education workshop. We are happy to be part of DIGITAL MILE LINZ and to reach and inspire even more young people together."
Benjamin, Cloudflight and DiMi Barteam at the Bubbledays: "The Digital Mile combines work and leisure on a mega level. The exchange with other IT companies and likewise (sports) activities among each other is really super planned and always fun!"
Benjamin, Sports Professor | HTL Leonding
Christian, Fellow Product Architect | Dynatrace and Coordinator DiMi Volleyball: "In my free time, I love to do sports, meet with friends & colleagues and motivate others to do so as well. The DIGITAL SMILE community combines all these things, brings cool people from different companies together, and often for a good cause. I think that's just great! 😃 "
Claudia, Employee Experience Specialist | GmbH and DiMi Barteam Pop-up Punch Stand: "DIGITAL MILE offers opportunities to get involved for a good cause, be it at the Christmas punch stand or at the Bubbledays. In the process, you meet cool colleagues from other companies in this community."
Carmen, Netural and bar team at the Bubbledays: "The DIGITAL MILE makes me smile, because it's simply fun to get something off the ground and bring joy to someone else. And we do it together with our own colleagues and with those from other companies."
Carina, MIC
Denes, MIC
Florian, HR Manager | MIC and Bubbleteams Barteam+Auf-/Abbau: "We work together, celebrate together, donate together and help each other - all for a good cause. This is the Digital Mile and it's just the beginning!"
Flora, Intern | CoderDojo
Günther, CoderDojo, teacher | HTL Leonding and mentor DiMi-Camp: "I am passionate about tinkering with electronic circuits with microcontrollers. With the children and young people, we solder, wire and program to read in buttons and control light-emitting diodes with displays. I like to motivate the children to always be curious, because the engineers of tomorrow are the technophiles of today. With CoderDojo, they can identify their talents or aptitudes at an early age. At DiMi Camp, I'm happy to be there to bring electronics closer to the kids and teens."
Gertrude, MIT
Hannes, Cloudflight
Julia, Marketing Manager TECH HARBOR and DIGITAL MILE: "The great thing about DIGITAL MILE is simply that everyone has fun and enjoys working together and can make a big difference together. Always with a smile on their face."
Joane, MIC
Karin, Key Account Manager | Kontron AG and Coordinator DiMi Volleyball: "As long as I'm playing volleyball I`m happy! Thanks to DIGITAL MILE for making this possible!"
Katharina, Client Success Manager | Smarter Ecommerce and coordinator of DiMi Volleyball: "For me, DiMi Volleyball means exercise, community and, above all, fun - the ideal balance to everyday work. As a passionate hobby player, I'm particularly pleased that there is a comprehensive volleyball program in Linz and that you can meet new personalities from the digital industry every week.
Klemens, Business Analyst Products & Team Representative | MIC Datenverarbeitung GmbH and DiMi-Barteam BUBBLEDAYS: "Working together with colleagues from DIGITAL MILE on these projects is a wonderful experience. The fact that we can also do something good for people makes it all the more enjoyable."
Magdalena, HR & CSR Manager | MIC Datenverarbeitung GmbH and Coordinator DiMi Volleyball: "The DIGITAL SMILE projects of the Digital Mile offer a great opportunity to get involved with other colleagues for a good cause. It's fun to stand up together for something that's important to us and at the same time spend fun hours with colleagues."
Martin, Cloudflight
Matthias, CoderDojo and Dynatrace
Markus, Dynatrace
Martin, MIC
Pia, mentor at CoderDojo Linz & Female Coders: "Giving others insight into the fascinating world of coding and awakening enthusiasm for it is my passion. With such motivated kids, like at the DiMi-Camp, the whole thing brings even more joy!"
Sonja, mentor CoderDojo and mentor DiMi-Camp: "It's just fun to program together with kids in a playful way and see their enthusiasm in the process."
Siegfried, HTL Leonding
Tatjana, Host Metal Workshop | GRAND GARAGE and Workshop Leader DiMi Camp: "Welding is an exciting and at the same time reassuring activity. For the children it is like a test of courage, where their self-confidence is strengthened immensely. The children come home extremely proud with their steel sculpture after the workshops. That makes me proud, too, and I'm very happy to take time for that."
Valentin, Intern | CoderDojo
Wilfried, MIC
Wolfgang, MIC


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