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Anyone who thinks Linz is boring is way off the mark.

Whether for culture lovers, sports enthusiasts, party animals or simply those of you who like to relax in nature - Linz has the right leisure options for everyone.

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Festival in Linz

Linz is cultural crossover

Linz has never been mainstream. Nowhere else is this better demonstrated than in the art and culture scene. From Anton Bruckner to Valie Export to Parov Stelar - they all found new paths for their art. The city is considered the cradle of Austria's post-punk and hip-hop scene. A crossover mix between high culture and the free scene, between the castle museum and one of the largest outdoor graffiti galleries in the world, between one of the world's most modern music theatres and small concert stages. Linz lays the foundation for world careers with its openness.

The gastronomy also lives this crossover idea, from the traditional Linzer Torte, the oldest cake recipe in the world, to vegan, multicultural and experimental cuisine. Linz knows no boundaries. Linz is crossover through and through.

Steel lung, green heart

Linz is green. 53 % of the city area consists of forests, meadows and parks. In just one hour's drive you are in the middle of mountains and lakes: skiing, climbing, mountaineering on your doorstep. And if the weather doesn't play along: The climbing hall in Linz is one of the largest in Europe. A few kilometres to the north, the Mühlviertel invites bikers, horse riders, hikers or golfers. The DIGITAL MILE itself is only a few steps away from the Danube. The Danube banks with their generous green spaces invite you to stroll, chat, picnic and play sports.

Pöstlingberg Linz

Tourist magnet

Linz has become a central hub for Danube cruise ships. The city's unique location enables excursions and trips to international tourism magnets that can be reached in a short time. No less than three of Austria's five UNESCO World Heritage regions are within easy reach: Salzburg, Hallstatt-Dachstein-Salzkammergut and the Wachau. No wonder Linz has become the starting point for exploring Austria's most beautiful places.