WORKING FAMILY 2024 course program - Lectures for parents

WORKING FAMILY 2024 course program - Lectures for parents

March 28, 2024

At DIGITAL MILE Linz, the focus is on people. That is why it is very important to us to address the mental health and family needs and challenges of our employees. With our courses and workshops, we want to offer our employees support on how to balance work and family in a better, more efficient and healthier way and prepare our children for the world in a media-savvy way.

Our parent lecture series:

1. parent presentations

"I don't want that! - Protecting children and young people from online abuse"

For parents of children aged 6-14 years

  • What it's about:
    Cyberbullying, sexual assault and the publication of private photos are the most common crimes involving children and young people. On the one hand as victims, but also as perpetrators. Many are not aware that these acts are punishable by law and that they hurt and expose people. Many children and young people also don't realize that they have rights and don't have to put up with everything - not even online. We talk openly about this and how the issues can be incorporated into everyday family life! And very importantly: preventative and active measures are outlined if something has already happened. Take the time, because children and young people urgently need our protection!

    Registration deadline extended until May 10, 2024

"Opportunities for AI in everyday family life"

For parents of children aged 3-10 years

  • What is it about:
    A beginner reader wants to read a text on their favorite topic, but can't find a suitable book. The child loves dinosaurs and wants a memory game with specific dinosaurs? Instead of spending ages researching online or getting creative yourself - use nothing but AI and have ready-made content in just a few minutes. This workshop will explore ways to use AI in everyday family life.

    Registration deadline October 23, 2024


Impulse lecture "My 26 hour day as a working mom".

  • What it's about:
    This inspiring keynote is about changing your mindset as a working mom to find more time and fulfillment in your everyday life. I share valuable insights and personal experiences that help to change your perspective and develop a positive mindset. We will explore together how we can detach ourselves from stressful situations and find more serenity and inner peace. By refocusing our attitude, we will be able to organize our day more consciously and have more time for the things that are really important to us.
    This lecture offers inspiring impulses and practical approaches to lead a fulfilled life as a working mom.

    Registration deadline April 08, 2024

Workshop series "Time for working moms" (3 modules)

  • What it's about:
    Working Moms achieve an incredible amount. In all their roles: They are princesses, secret agents and rock 'n' rollers, as well as star managers and star lawyers, then again sharks and sometimes even hippos. Their performance is priceless, but also limited.

    Module 1: Perfectionism - the dose makes the difference
    Module 2: Proud to be a Working Mom: Put on your crown!
    Module 3: How to manage your own energy economically

    Only 2 places left - registration deadline extended until May 3, 2024


Performance lecture: Working Dads

What is it about:
Are you a father and want to be there for your family, but also have a busy job? Then welcome to the club. Most fathers in our generation are like you. Unfortunately, we lack role models on how to balance career, relationship and family life to get the best out of everything.
That's why there's a performance lecture for working dads. In this talk you will learn how to stop feeling torn between all the roles. Using entertaining stories from real life, you will be given tools from coaching on how you can better align yourself mentally in the future.

Registration deadline May 29, 2024

Course program 2024 WORKING FAMILY (in German):

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