MIC is beach volleyball tournament winner 2023!

MIC is beach volleyball tournament winner 2023!

September 11, 2023

On5. September 2023, it was once again about the 🏆 DiMi Challenge Cup 🏆 - and the big question:

Who will be the next DiMi champion? - This time in the discipline of beach volleyball.

Fortunately, the weather god was very gracious and supported all teams with lots of sun, so that the Beach Volleyball Cup became a fun outdoor event at ASKÖ-Linz/Steg, where all teams really had a lot of fun. A successful change and a good balance to the daily office routine!

The DiMi challenge cup was handed over from the last master company - Netural - to the newly awarded master company - MIC Cusoms Solutions.

Congratulations to the winning team and thanks again to all the helpers and supporters who made the tournament what it was!

That's what makes the DiMi community!