Team members of the DIGITAL MILE
Our volunteer DiMi sports coordinators

Our volunteer DiMi sports coordinators

September 13, 2022

In order to constantly improve and expand our sports offerings for DIGITAL MILE Linz, we need contact persons in the DIGITAL MILE companies who can

  • actively practice the respective sport with enthusiasm and are present on site
  • Pass on the offer to colleagues in your own company and continuously advertise it via the company's internal channels.
  • give us regular feedback, wishes and suggestions

Therefore a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who support us here again and again:

Gerald, Mario, Georgios, Aldo, Michael, Simon

(Beach) Volleyball:
Claudia, Katharina, Karin, Magdalena, Borys, Robert, Ian, Daniel, Johanna, Christian, Simon, Markus

Running groups:
Rudi, Gerald, Sabine, Stefan, Johanna, Liesa

Anytime - just contact us at!