Ship ahoy - Welcome to the MS DIGITAL MILE at Bubbledays 2024!

Ship ahoy - Welcome to the MS DIGITAL MILE at Bubbledays 2024!

April 17, 2024

After last year's great success, we will of course be back this year with our MS DIGITAL MILE!
You can expect a harbor festival of a special kind - with lots of news, a cool program of shows, music acts, live concerts and an extraordinary gastronomy landscape.
Simply casual partying on the Danube - with a sensational view of the green surroundings and the Graffiti Outdoor Gallery!

This time at our community event on board the MS DIGITAL MILE:
bet-at-home, cloudflight, Dynatrace,, MIC, Netural, Smarter Ecommerce and TECH HARBOR.

As employees of these 8 participating companies, you have exclusive access to the MS DIGITAL MILE, a floating area right in the center of the Bubbledays.
In the comfortable deckchairs already reserved for you, you can enjoy a first-class open-air feeling - and have lots of fun and plenty of time to chat and network!

And because sailors are thirsty:
In exchange for voluntary donations to charity, there will be 6 free drinks for everyone at the floating bar!

To keep access to the MS DIGITAL MILE exclusive for you, the following info:

  • Access to the MS DIGITAL MILE: only possible for employees with a "Friends Band"; everyone is allowed to take up to 2 Friends with them.
  • On board comfortable deck chairs are waiting for you to chill out, enjoy and network.
  • Visit our bar with chilled drinks: Each employee receives 6 drinks with his/her "Friendsband" - in exchange for a donation for an all-round van for the Theresiengut am Pöstlingberg*)
  • The bar is run voluntarily by employees of the DiMi companies - a big thank you in advance to all bar teams!
  • Enjoy on board the unique view of this year's extreme sports spectacle: STIEGL BLOB THE TOP (Extreme Blobbing)
  • On the MS DIGITAL MILE you will be right in the middle of the action, i.e. also in the immediate vicinity of the Electronic Stage.
  • The DiMi Challenge Cup will be played again: The DIGITAL MILE - MÖLLKY tournament awaits you on Saturday afternoon from 4-6 p.m. in the sand of the MS DIGITAL MILE.

*) About the fundraising campaign: "Allround Van for the Theresiengut am Pöstlingberg"

At Theresiengut, an organic farm on the Pöstlingberg (Upper Austria), adults with disabilities find work and a place to live. It is a place that becomes a home with self-determination and further development. Support is individualized and tailored to the strengths of each person on our farm. Around 42 disabled people live and work at Theresiengut. An all-round van is used to transport them safely and efficiently: for excursions, therapy sessions, shopping, etc.

The DIGITAL MILE would like to support the project and is collecting money so that this van can be purchased.
With your donation, you too can help ensure that Theresiengut is able to make all the necessary trips and excursions with the people in its care safely and well!

Registration for the MÖLKKY tournament

Do you want the famous DiMi challenge cup to be in your company soon?
Then don't waste any time and register for our MÖLKKY tournament on the MS DIGITAL MILE.
On Saturday, June 8, 2024, between 4 and 6 p.m., we will play the DIGITAL MILE MÖLKKY winner on our ship.
Max. 2 teams/companies with 2-max. 4 players each can register now:

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How do you come up with your "Friendsband"?

You can obtain the "Friendsband" from the HR departments of the participating companies bet-at-home, cloudflight, Dynatrace,, MIC, Netural, Smarter Ecommerce and TECH HARBOR

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